Sunday, January 26, 2014


it all started friday afternoon when i was having a quick conversation with jeremy in between writing progress notes for my patients.  i mentioned that maybe we should have fondue this weekend (because why not?!) and cassandra looks right over at me.  her face told me that she wanted in and that the fondue was definitely going to happen.  earlier we had been talking about the need for another knitting party to practice our knitting skills so KP2 with fondue was born and planned for the next night.  good thing i share an office with such a cool girl that loves chocolate and crafting as much as i do.

milk chocolate fondue
bag of milk chocolate chips
3/4 cup of heavy cream

fondue is so easy it's almost criminal.  (try dipping potato chips for a fun twist.)  i can't believe i survived as long as i did without my own fondue pot.  that thing is amazing and my life is now complete!  hooray for perfect christmas presents.  thanks mom and dad. 

 after we were sugared out, we got to our knitting.
and chatting and netflix-watching.

cassandra mastered purling in the course of the night while i worked up the courage to start a bunny. it was a great time.  something about good conversation and creating things with my hands... it soothes my soul and makes me feel alive.

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