Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tumble Inn Diner

our quest for the best: BREAKFAST PLACE

round 7

Tumble Inn Diner
488 Lincoln Ave, Saugus, MA 01906

the deets:

the food: the food is delicious!  we love these homefries.  i get the same thing every time and had a breakfast sandwich - egg, cheese, and sausage on a toasted english muffin, with a side of homefries.  jeremy had eggs, homefries, and toast with a side of fruit.

prices: this place is cheap!  we got meals, both got sides, and i got hot chocolate all for $13 something.  also, they only take cash... which can sometimes deter us if we don't have cash on hand.

service: this place is a local favorite and has a lovely small town feel.  they typically have only a server or two for the whole place, so sometimes it has been slower when we have gone before, but we didn't have trouble with the service this time.

the verdict:
this place was our original go to place before we started this quest for the best breakfast place.  we love this place.  i think our two favorites are tumble inn diner and iron town diner.  they are both close and delicious.  the hot chocolate is more chocolate-y (with free refills!) and they have  fancier dishes at iron town. tumble inn is CHEAP (but they only take cash) and they have all the basics, tastier homefries, and have such a fun local feel.  when we go out to breakfast i think we will consider the two and pick depending on what we want that day: fancy options with all you can drink hot chocolate, or cheap basics and a server that recognizes us.  one thing is certain, we love our breakfast dates.

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