Wednesday, February 12, 2014


so today i had an appointment with a gastroenterologist (which i almost cancelled a million times because i thought for sure i was fine).

my appointment was at 10:40 and i cut it so close that they took me back before i could even take a seat in the waiting room.  before i knew it, the papers i was supposed to fill out were still empty and the doctor was shaking my hand. then he sat down and said, "So... Celiac."  he began to talk like i had it and i kept trying to convince him (or maybe just myself) that i didn't. turns out the evidence supported his side and just like that... i was diagnosed.   it all happened so fast.

my pcp did a blood test a few weeks ago that i thought was more of a preliminary thing rather than a diagnosis thing, but the gastro doc said that my levels were so high that it really isn't a question on whether i have it or not (especially when we consider my other symptoms, that i thought weren't symptoms, but just life).  he said "when it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is usually a duck." and this duck is celiac disease.

and that was how it was decided.  at 10:41 my life changed. i had many thoughts racing through my head in that moment, but the first was, "no one will ever have me over for dinner.  i can't eat gluten and i don't eat vegetables."  my second thought was, "i just bought oreos!! and made a cake. DANG-IT!"  my third was, "i ate pretzels last night" (random, i know).

the great news: he doesn't have to go down my throat to take a piece of my small intestine in order to get a closer look (which is what i thought i was going to be scheduling at the end of today's appointment). the not so great news: i have an actual celiac diagnosis, a nutritionist referral, and instructions to eat gluten free immediately.

i know i will survive and i will have plenty of delicious things to eat (ice cream!! chocolate... i'm sure there's more).  in the meantime, i have a lot of learning to do because i don't know much.  luckily, there are tons of gluten-free things out there these days.  i can do this!

if you have any good resources or at least know what candy bars i can eat, please share!


Monique said...

Aww I'm sorry! I'm suspicious if my husband has it, but he refuses to find out because he doesn't want to give up wheat. But you're right, there's tons of options out there now!! I have some friends who started this blog all about it, hopefully this helps a little as you learn about it and get started.

Mandy said...

I know John eats Reese's Peanut butter cups and skittles.

Kayla said...

I'm sorry, Katie! Here is a cake recipe that we make often. It's moist and delicious, and I justify eating more of it because it's made with quinoa. Just a start.

Rebecca Burningham said...

Gluten free is not the end! I married a glutard (that's what Wes calls himself)! Betty Crocker's devil's food cake mix is excellent, very moist. Glutino brand makes good pretzels and oreo cookies. Those weird "hippie grocery stores" like Good Earth will be your best friend. They carry brands like Udi's which make decent bread & tortillas.

Acceptance is the first step! :) Welcome to the club.