Sunday, February 9, 2014

city day date

yesterday we had ourselves a lovely day date.  

we spent all day romping around in the city.  we started at the museum of fine arts.  they were celebrating the lunar new year with free admission for all, so naturally we wanted to join in the fun.  we wandered around taking in all of the paintings (the slave ship!!), sculptures, ancient artifacts - jewelry, coins, furniture, tombs, etc, etc, etc.  the place is HUGE so when i say "all" of it, what i really mean is... we saw a mere fraction of the art.  it was incredible, they have amazing pieces.

after we wandered around the art for a bit, we ventured to beacon hill to get some serious pizza at upper crust.  on the way, we walked through the snowy public garden and saw people playing hockey on the frozen pond.  i was all ready for us to take a walk on the ice, but jeremy refused.  i keep him wild, he keeps me safe... and this time safety won because it was cold out and we were about 5 minutes away from fresh pizza, otherwise i may have held out.

it was our first time at upper crust and it will certainly not be our last.  the pizza is delicious! and the options are basically endless with all of the toppings you can choose from.  you can buy it by the slice or customize your own pie.  plus the staff are super friendly and you get a sweet discount if you have your student id (hooray for jeremy's student status!).  it was a perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat and to warm our limbs. 

after dinner we walked across the common to see a movie. well, we bought candy at cvs, stashed it in my purse, and then went to the movies. candy is required at the movies and i'm not about to spend $4 on a box of milk duds.  is that dishonest?  anyway... we saw the jack ryan movie and it is action-packed!  i liked it, jeremy loved it.  it was great!

then we meandered on home appreciating our boston.

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