Friday, February 21, 2014

and he returns

he's HOME! riley finally returned from his mission in thailand.  it's been two long years and i have been missing this kid.  (i'm so glad i don't have to send anymore brothers away for two years.  it's hard stuff.)  it's killing me that i'm not there to hug him, hear all of his stories, introduce him to the newest movies and music, and update him on the coolest apps.  i don't want to miss a thing, so i just keep calling, texting, and video chatting my family. here he is at the airport waiting for his luggage and talking to me on the phone:

the only thing that is holding me together is the fact that sam and riley are coming to boston (hooray!!!) next weekend to play!  just us kiddies, hanging out, having a blast.  it's going to be awesome.  it will be riley's first time visiting this great city, so we have some sights to see.  i'm keeping myself busy planning the fun things we are going to do when they get here.  i can't wait!

welcome home riley!  i missed you. 

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