Monday, February 24, 2014

Your Body Rocks: Day 1

It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

I will be wearing purple all week, helping others learn a little more about Eating Disorders, and focusing on cultivating a positive body image.  Feel free to join me.  You can learn more about Eating Disorders over here and by checking out this infographic:

And for the positive body image challenge of the day...

 Treat yourself like you would treat your friend.

How would you support your friend if they were struggling with their body image?  You wouldn't tell them that they should take extreme, unhealthy measures to lose weight.  You wouldn't tell them that their worth (or friendship or love) depends on their weight or their waist measurement.  So why is it ok to tell yourself these things?  It's not. We scrutinize, we poke, we grimace, we hate. 

Today is the day to stop! and say to yourself what you would say to your friend.  Remind yourself that you are enough, that your body does incredible things, that food is fuel.  See yourself as your friend, spouse, sibling, or parent sees you.  You deserve kindness, support, and love from everyone, especially yourself.

Treat yourself like a friend today (and everyday).

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