Monday, March 3, 2014

all three

This weekend my brothers came to play!!
 (warning: picture overload)

It was the first time we were all together since Christmas of 2011, so it was about time.  We loved every minute of it.  Here's what we did:

I had to work (boo!).  So the boys went to the Museum of Science.  When I caught up with them, we walked around Back Bay to see the sites and had dinner at Joe's American Bar and Grill on Newbury Street.  Then we went home, watched a movie, and ate popcorn. 


We filmed our dance video at Fenway Park while we waited for our tour to start.  Then we went on the tour, which I totally recommend!!  They do an awesome job - it's over an hour, they tell you great stories, and they take you to the Green Monster, the visiting locker room, the press box, and a museum of memorabilia at the end.  You have to go!  

After Fenway we got some grub at Tasty Burger next to Fenway (hooray for gluten free buns!).  Then we headed into the heart of Boston to start our journey on the Freedom Trail.  We had some hot chocolate pit stops because of the cold so we were able to survive.

Stroke of Luck:  We arrived at the Old North Church (where the lanterns were lit) and we found it to be closed.  So we sat on the steps and wallowed in our sorrows.  Then a man arrived that was on the other side of the locked gate.  He clearly had a key, so naturally I started talking to him.  Well, he is my new favorite person, because he let us in!  He gave us the whole historical spiel and let us walk around.  It rocked.

After the freedom trail, we went to see 3 Days to Kill.  It was intense at parts and pretty funny, too.  The boys loved it.  After our movie we went to The Cheesecake Factory for a very late dinner.  And then we headed home to get some sleep.


We went to church.  (How amazing is it that we were on time with 4 adults and one bathroom!!?)  After church we headed up the coast to beautiful Marblehead and climbed around Castle Rock.  It was a great excuse to take some much needed pictures with my brothers with the beautiful scenery all around.  I love that rock!  I foresee Sunday picnics here in the spring!

After we had our fun of climbing around and checking out the mansions of Marblehead we made our way home.  There, the boys helped Jeremy out with a glutenous lasagna we had in the freezer and then they had to pack up their gear. We had such a great time!  My family rocks.  I hope they can come visit me soon.  If I had it my way (and if airfare didn't cost an arm and a leg) I would want them to come visit me all the time!  

Thanks for the fun boys.  It sure felt good to be together.

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