Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to this handsome boy!

28 looks so good on you! Seriously... I lucked out.

Here are 28 reasons why I think you are the absolute best: 

You have a kind soul. You are hilarious. You go out of your way to help other people. You stick to your values. You listen. You are caring.  You do the laundry. You play basketball like a pro. You are modest in your accomplishments. You support and encourage me. You are an awesome brother to my brothers. You have a strong testimony of God. You pay the bills. You prefer just hanging out with me. You work hard. You serve with your whole heart. You remind me to laugh. You love babies. You are easy going. You are just so handsome. You are smart. You love ice cream as much as I do. You support my scooter fund. You are always smiling. You take care of things. You are honest. You are loving. And you are MINE, forever!

 Hope your day ROCKS, sweetheart!

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