Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I am

Round 2

I am learning what works.
I wonder if I will ever get there.
I hear whispers of uncertainty.
I see dreams coming true.
I want to fight for change.
I am learning what works.

I pretend to have it figured out.
I feel I'm getting closer.
I touch the walls to break them down.
I worry I'm not doing enough.
I cry for those that suffer.
I am learning what works.

I understand nothing is perfect.
I say perfection is not beauty.
I dream of a peaceful world.
I try to love everyone.
I hope for healing.  I pray for healing.
I am learning what works.

We wrote these poems in my group yesterday.  I wrote mine from my perspective as a clinician with my patients in mind and my struggle to help them break free from their Eating Disorders.  

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