Tuesday, April 15, 2014

lunar eclipse: FAIL

the blood moon.

i wanted to see it but decided that sleep took precedent, so i planned on missing out.  i guess i really wanted to see it because i didn't set an alarm and i subconsciously woke up for it anyway.  true story.  i woke up at 3:30 this morning and decided i had to check it out.

i rolled out of bed and let jeremy know i was going outside to see the blood moon.  he responded with a groggy, "whaaaaat?" and i assured him i would be right back after i saw the moon.  so i ran up the stairs to the parking garage and what did i find?  


lots and lots of clouds.  so i went down stairs to see if it was closer to the horizon and maybe a building was blocking my view.  and no dice.  just lots of clouds (not even any other people trying to see the lunar eclipse). the clouds definitely had a reddish hue to them, so i had to take what i could get and i ran back up the stairs to go to bed. plus it was super windy and a tad chilly.

after all that running around and i didn't even get to see it.  i guess i will have to take my chances in october (the next blood moon is scheduled to take place on october 8th).  we will have to see if the clouds cooperate for me then.

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