Saturday, April 19, 2014

playing in b-more

we are in baltimore for the weekend, visiting jeremy's parents for easter.  jeremy's been here playing (mostly fishing), since wednesday and i got here late last night.  work totally gets in the way of my fun.  it's nice to get away, even for a short while.

today was great.  here was our agenda:

we slept in.
 we ate GF pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit for breakfast.
we biked to pennsylvania (it was only 15 miles both ways).

we passed the spot where jeremy proposed in july of 2008.  we had to stop and take a picture.
we had a picnic lunch in the appropriately-named town of new freedom, pennsylvania, the town just north of the mason dixon line.
jeremy ran into some rocks as we fake-kicked each others bikes (he wasn't injured).
we rode back to maryland.  it was downhill most of the way and quite lovely.
we sat outside to soak up the sun while the boys washed the car.
i tried a baked sweet potato for the first time and it was delicious!
i also had some broccoli and it is becoming more tolerable.
we dyed eggs.
and we played games.

it was such a lovely, relaxing day.  we thought about going to washington dc for the day, but this was much calmer and so fun.

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