Sunday, April 27, 2014

monumental moment

for the first time in my life, at the ripe old age of 25, i ordered a salad.

true story.


i ate the whole thing and i survived.

it was a salad from chipotle, so it was bound to be about the safest salad i could get since it is covered in delicious meat, rice, beans, salsa, and cheese.  it was overall pretty tasty, and i could tolerate the lettuce because of all the other goodies mixed in.  i would totally get it again.  i'm not so sure i am ready to get just any salad in the world though.  slowly and surely i will get there.

i am starting to turn a serious corner on this veggie adventure.  i'm starting to realize that i can eat things that i don't necessarily like/love because they are good for my body.  i used to only pick the things that tasted awesome and skip all sorts of veggies and weakly flavored fruits.  like watermelon, it seemed so useless because it tasted more like water than any delicious watermelon flavored candy i had ever had, so i would never eat it.  now i understand that it doesn't have to my favorite and i can still eat it and be just fine.  

i can also train myself to learn to like vegetables and new foods.  like my most recent veggie addition: broccoli.  it gets better and better every time i eat it.  i can now eat it without the mounds of shredded cheese and i would say it's almost up there with green beans.  it's comforting to know that i really can learn to like new foods.  the jury is still out on those raw carrots though... yuck!

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