Wednesday, May 21, 2014

cucumber party

things on the veggie front are moving right along.  

i had a burger wrapped in lettuce with bell peppers (no GF buns at five guys, sad face), i survived a salad at chick-fil-a on saturday night, i have been snacking on red peppers the past three days, and yesterday i tried cucumbers at work thanks to my good bud erika.

i told her cucumbers were the next veggie i wanted to try. --this veggie project is pretty much a team effort and since we are experts at working with fear foods, my friends have jumped on the train of exposing me to veggies.--  she had one at work she could slice up (who has cucumbers on hand??) and we scheduled a cucumber party for 1:30.

the first, and only other time, i tried a cucumber was way back when i was a kid at a neighborhood block party in salt lake city.  my friends victoria and rebecca encouraged me to try a slice of cucumber.  i didn't like it much and i probably grabbed more chips or cookies for my plate and ran on my way. 

i avoided cucumbers my whole life based on that one taste, until yesterday at 1:30.  i ventured to erika's office, she cut some slices for me, and threw in some carrots for good measure.  the funny thing is cucumbers don't taste like much - it's like crunchy green water - so i guess it's something i can keep eating.  i will dip them in some dressing next time to jazz them up.  and the carrots are getting a little better, so i suppose i can't write them off yet either.

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Kayla said...

To encourage you on your journey, I will add that not all vegetables are created equal. There is definitely a truth to eating things in season. I've had some awful carrots and cucumbers but delicious ones as well. Keep it up!