Sunday, May 18, 2014

rain to sunshine

on saturday jeremy and i hopped in the car and headed north to visit our friends in portland, maine.  portland is one of our favorite places to visit around here.  it was raining on the drive up and we were afraid our adventure would become a soggy one, but the weather slowly cooperated with us.  

by the time we arrived the rain had subsided and the fog was thick, so we went to the best lighthouse (cape elizabeth) to watch the waves crash on the rocks.

then we drove over to portland to get some lunch while the fog drifted to sea.  we started with some potato donuts at the holy donut, because why not eat dessert first??  they had gluten free options which rocked my socks.  first donut in months!!  

then we ventured to flatbread company which was right on the wharf. and they had gluten free options, too!!  portland has got it going on.  we sat right by the action and ate our weight in flatbread.  so yummy!!

 we walked around downtown for a bit, bought a souvenir sticker, and drove to the eastern promenade.  that's when the sun came out to play for good, so we were pretty excited about our sweet luck.

 after our little walk, we ventured back to eric and noelle's place which is a 5 min walk from the beach.  holler!  the views were beautiful and the sun played quite a show on the water. 

 the girls dipped their feet in the frigid atlantic,
"it's like an ice bath" - noelle.

 and the boys jumped over the gushing rivers.

we took some jumping pictures, because... why not?!

 and i stalked jeremy with my camera... it's his favorite.

 we walked along the beach and took in the views....

maine is gorgeous!

it ended up being such a beautiful day.  i can't wait to soak in the sun this summer.  more day trips are certainly on the horizon, i spent the ride home dreaming of our next destinations.

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