Monday, May 12, 2014

on my counter

jeremy gave me these beauties (along with coral ballet flats and milk duds) for mother's day.  he's a rockstar at giving gifts.

flowers in a mason jar are just about my favorite thing.

i used to scoff at flowers.  they just die, get me ice cream instead i would say.  (well, the flowers sometimes last longer than the ice cream.)  they certainly die, but that is not a valid reason not to enjoy them while they live.  that's like saying you don't want to go on vacation because you know it will have to end.  i am a person that struggles more with endings, rather than beginnings, but we can dive into that another time.

 back to the flowers...

they bring beauty to any room and help me appreciate the wonder of nature.  the colors, the shapes, the freshness.  they inspire me to be more creative, more mindful, more present.  they bring life.  i want work on having fresh flowers in my house on a regular basis. beauty is a good thing to be surrounded by.  luckily, we have trader joe's just up the street.  it's our favorite spot for flowers.

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