Wednesday, June 4, 2014

sanity in the flora

yesterday was a hard day at work.  i was feeling overwhelmed with my responsibilities and questioning my ability to handle them.  i was also tired and had a headache.  never a good combination.  

when i got home, i took some medicine, vented to jeremy, remembered the good things about having lots of responsibilities (my supervisors believe in me, i'm preparing for my future promotion, i'm growing), remembered that i am getting everything done (even though i worry that i can't), then i took a deep breath and went to bed.  a good night sleep can do wonders and literally change the world.  

while lying in bed, i decided that wednesday morning would be dedicated to some good ole self-care.  that would be the ticket to de-stress my stressed mind.  it always is. i decided to clear the docket of all responsibilities and just do whatever i please. (too bad the weather didn't completely cooperate or else i would have read poolside the whole morning. i suppose i will have to save that treat for another time.)

i found myself lounging in bed, reading scriptures, eating my favorite breakfast while watching the morning hustle and bustle, wandering the aisles of target, and stopping at trader joe's for cashew pieces and peonies.  can there be a more perfect purchase?!  i submit, there cannot.  i am sad to say i have only admired peonies from afar and this was my first time ever purchasing them.  and my heavens... what have i been waiting for?

they are lovely.  simply lovely.

photographing them helps me truly appreciate them.  i slow down to study each one, being mindful of the petal formations, the lighting, the contrasting colors, etc.  i am often surprised at the small details that draw me in, that speak to me.  i thought i would gravitate towards the bigger blossoms, instead i found myself admiring the closed buds, appreciating their promise and potential. isn't it fascinating how they are so tightly layered?  i haven't seen anything like it.  they are about to burst! and i get to watch them transform day by day, right in my kitchen.

it's nice to let my brain take a break from the stress and only focus on the beauty around me. self-care is a wonderful thing. when in doubt, buy yourself some peonies (and cashews while you're at it, the pieces, they are cheaper).  

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