Monday, June 23, 2014

the green mountains, part 1

after a grueling soccer match on saturday, we ventured up to stowe, vermont.

jeremy and i spent the evening wandering around the adorable mountain village.  we stopped at piecasso for dinner and i consumed the most delicious gluten-free pizza known to mankind.  i may have to return to stowe, just to inhale this pizza again.  we also shared a spinach salad.  seriously.  it was good.  who am i these days?  jeremy during dinner, "i didn't think i would ever share a salad with you."  i guess i'm just full of surprises. sidenote: menus are way more fun when you are open to eating things with veggies.

stowe also has these great paved trails that wind throughout the scenery.  we took in the beauty all around us as we explored.  the air was incredibly fresh (sure beats the smell of that subway air), the green trees were aplenty (and soooo green), and the rivers were remarkably clear.  we were in awe.  jeremy wanted to do some serious fishing in those waters and i would love to bike around those trails all day.  city living is starting to get to me i suppose, because i'm obsessed with these mountain towns.  

after dinner we walked to a local ice cream shop to keep up our summer solstice tradition.  and they had gluten-free cones!  dream come true, i love cones, especially filled with ice cream.  i got vermont maple ice cream, because hey, i'm in vermont and it was tasty.  jeremy got his standard mint chocolate chip/cookie variation and he loved every bite. 

we watched the sun lower below the horizon creating fleeting color combinations as we walked back to meet jeremy's parents as they arrived.  we chatted while we went for a quick drive up to the base of the highest peaks in vermont and ended the night with a roaring game of cover your assets.  it's a mixture of war and go fish and a good one if you are in need of a new game.

it proved to be a lovely and relaxing evening as we enjoyed the tasty food and amazing views vermont has to offer.

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