Saturday, June 22, 2013

day of longest light

i remember one occasion from my childhood where on the first day of summer we walked with a bunch of people from our neighborhood to get ice cream.  we went late enough that we walked home as the moon was making its grand entrance in the night sky.  i must have thought it was the coolest thing ever because even after all the years i still remember it being pretty awesome.  we stayed up late solely because it was the longest day of the year, we had to enjoy every bit of that delicious light. i decided to bring the ice cream walk back and make it a first day of the summer tradition!  i convinced jeremy it was a brilliant plan and texted our neighbor friends to join.  we gathered a pretty good crowd, we had 12 total including the wee babes, and walked the mile to banana splitz for some delicious creamed goods made by our local favorite: richardson's dairies


we got kiddie sizes and again, they are huge!  jeremy went with his usual green monster, mint with fudge and oreos. i branched out this time for some strawberry cheesecake. there were huge chunks of cheesecake and whole strawberries! so good. when we were stuffed to the gills on our sweet treats of choice, our gang moseyed on back as the sunlight dimmed and the brilliant full moon guided us home.  it was a gorgeous day and a perfect way to start this summer of fun!

may the first-day-of-summer-walk-to-the-ice-cream-shop-celebration tradition never die!

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