Monday, June 24, 2013

saving lives

as of today, i am CPR certified.

that's a first for me i believe.  i had to go to the training for work and it was way more exciting than i thought.  i mean look at this guy below:

i saved him!  first i made sure the room was safe, tried to wake him up, assigned someone to call 911 and get the AED, counted to ten while i listened/searched for signs of breathing, did sets of 30 compressions and 2 breaths with that safe guard thing until the AED arrived, pressed the green button on the AED, and followed its instructions (remove clothing, stick things to body, clear area, press yellow button... done!). those things are smart machines. although the one i practiced with was only for training purposes, i am totally prepared to use the real deal instead of being deathly afraid of it.

see, i had a blast! in all seriousness though i do feel prepared to do CPR.  i almost grabbed an extra safe guard thing to keep in my purse for safety.  (oh and my supervisor thought the blog would love some pictures so she whipped out her phone in the middle of the action, thanks joanna!)

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