Tuesday, June 25, 2013

what a day!

what a fun day, really!

i put in a call to quaker,
 because a whole box of instant maple and brown sugar oatmeal was not so maple and brown sugary.  so after suffering through quite a bit of the box i decided to do something about it.  i called the number on the box for "comments and questions" (or complaints and concerns in reality) and told the sweet lady on the phone of my tragic breakfast saga.  she apologized for my ruined breakfasts, took the box information and my information, and promised coupons for a replacement and other quaker treats would be on their way.  what wonderful customer service?  she was quite helpful and the whole experience makes me want to eat more quaker stuff.

i made a visit to our beautiful library.
 it's a gorgeous building, complete with fireplaces!

i love reading!  especially FREEEE books.  my goal is to read one book a week.  i have this whole routine going right now that i just love.  it was slow going at first because this particular library is pretty small and they rarely have the books i want to read.  but my friend Janet, the dear librarian, orders the books from different libraries in the area and then just gives me a call when they arrive.  so now i go every other week to: take back the two books i read, pick up the two books that i put on hold last time, and to put two more books on hold for next time.  it's a great system! and Janet is just the nicest.

i also booked a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!
in new hamsphire!

remember when i wishlist wednesday-ed it years ago??  well, i figured now was a good time to make my dreams come true.  you know... why not?  so i gathered my graduation monies and booked a sunrise hot air balloon ride in august complete with a picnic afterwards.  it's going to be AMAZING!  charles is our pilot and he is sure friendly.  i told him jeremy is afraid of heights and he assured me that some people get in the basket kicking and screaming and by the end they want to go again.  he also told me all about how being afraid of heights is different then being afraid of falling and that jeremy was probably afraid of falling. he went on about how when you are attached to something on the ground the fear of falling is more real than when you are not (so in an airplane, hot air balloon, etc) so it shouldn't be a big deal.  i'm not really sure i understood, but he assured me jeremy would be fine and offered to talk to him to answer any questions.  charles has been flying balloons for 20 years and totally knows his stuff and i REALLY want to go!  so i asked jeremy if he could handle it and after some unfair pressure from me, he said to just go ahead and book it.  he loves me.  in the mean time we will be working on exposure therapy, so we can get him ready for this wonderful adventure.  i am so jazzed about it.

i also completed a french braid for the first time.
can you believe my luck?!  it must be a fluke.
especially since i consider myself hair impaired.

i have understood the concept of french braiding, but i have never been able to do it, especially on myself.  i don't know what came over me when i was getting ready for work, but i thought i would attempt a french braid.  to my surprise i was able to get through the whole thing without fuddling it up.  i was so excited that i took this picture at work and sent it to my mom with , "Look mom!  I did that!"  after i sent the message, i felt a little like i was 5 years old.  you know... just showing my mom the cool tricks i can do.

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