Saturday, July 5, 2014

a soggy 4th

happy birthday america!
our 4th was quite wet. 

we started the day scoring a few deals at the mall and then stopped by the grocery store to get a couple of redbox movies and treats.  hurricane arthur was making his way up the coast so we knew we were in store for lots and lots of rain.  we had to prepare for a day indoors.  after we got the goods, the rain came.  it was about an all day downpour starting a little after 10 am. 

we watched movies, took naps, i painted my nails, we played sudoku, i finished a book, we grilled some hot dogs and burgers stove top, ate lots of watermelon, walked around in the rain and splashed in the puddles, roasted mallows over a birthday candle for some graham-less s'mores (anyone know of a good gluten-free graham cracker equivalent? s'mores just aren't the same), and we played games with friends and planned future camping trips when we thought we were going to go stir-crazy from being inside so long.

my mallow roasting station

we tried to make the most of the soggy day.  it was definitely relaxing and a day off well spent.  i told jeremy i just could not live in seattle.  i need the sun.  good thing sun is forecast for the rest of the weekend.

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