Monday, July 7, 2014

for posterity, no. 1

one of our good buds turns 30 today (happy birthday ryan!). we were chatting this past weekend with amber and ryan about doing interviews to mark special events, which reminded me of this hilarious interview when jeremy turned 25.

since the discussion, jeremy and i have been talking a lot about making videos to document stories and experiences, for posterity of course - and also just for fun.  it's something jeremy and i have talked about numerous times over the years, but we have failed to actually do anything.

after a day of thinking about it, jeremy declared he had some top secret questions prepared and he was going to interview me... that night.  he just makes things happen guys - watch out. 

he was very particular about the set up: he prepared water for each of us and wanted the camera focused on me with his shoulder just barely in the shot, "like they do on tv."  he kept calling himself "the producer" and overriding any suggestions i had that he didn't like or want to do.  he kindly told me i could make the decisions when it was my turn to interview him. he cracks me up.

so here we are, in our humble abode, laughing and chatting away on a sunday evening:


topics covered in this video:
favorite color, favorite dinner, favorite state, what would you miss about boston if we moved this week, what are you good at, what about me drives you crazy, and did you ever want a sister?

i always imagined making movies when little ones joined our family, but why not start now? so a project was born last night (when i couldn't fall asleep and i was dreaming of my secret interview questions to ask jeremy - they have to be good). the project is called:

for posterity

it will be a slow growing collection of stories, interviews, and other random moments captured for posterity... because there is no way i am writing an autobiography (although this blog is getting close to that).  plus, i wish i had videos of my parents when they were young, so i might as well start now.  maybe my future kiddies will be entertained by this madness.

stay tuned everyone, this is going to be hilarious. and may my family be warned... you're all getting interviewed when i come to visit.

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Ryan said...

Made my day. Best video. Jeremy has great vision.