Monday, July 14, 2014

for posterity, no. 2

ready for round two of the recorded interviews?  we went outside for this round and i am not sure we will do that again... lots of extra noise and interruptions.  it's hard to hear in some parts, sorry! also next time, i promise to use manual focus so it stays consistent throughout the video.  stick with me guys, i'm learning.


topics covered in this video:
favorite lunch, three words to describe yourself, what would you do if i dyed my streak purple, what would you do if you had an afternoon to yourself, what's the wildest thing you have ever done (this one got missed on the camera, his answer: hot air-ballooning.  he was only scared once and overall he loved it.), what's one thing you did in school this week, tell us about the first time you kissed me, what advice would you give yourself as a newlywed, how was it growing up with a twin, what household chore do you hate the most, and how old are you at heart?

what did i learn today?  jeremy gives way shorter answers than i do and sprinklers cannot be trusted.


Riley Creer said...

My favorite part, "Thank you America."
These videos are great.

Barbara Creer said...

Love love love the video!
These are classic and truly a treasure. I can hardly wait for the next one.