Tuesday, July 15, 2014

it's been a long 4 weeks

and this is my 1400 post! crazy!  but more importantly...

jeremy recently took part 2 of the boards (he took part 1 last year).  part 2 is a day and a half long test that dental students take at the end of their third year.  he took it in mid-june and we have been anxiously awaiting the results.

he has been checking the mail every day for the passed two weeks to see if his scores have arrived.  he has also been interrogating me about the mail.  the other day he was sure i checked the mail, opened his scores, saw that he failed, and was saving him from the bad news.  the waiting game was giving him quite the complex.

he finally got his scores in the mail yesterday and surprise, surprise...  he passed!

he is so relieved (and i am so excited that we get to stop worrying about the whole thing).  he is one step closer to being a real live dentist.  just some clinical work until april, an externship in october, and the daunting WREB in the spring and then he is the real deal. 

we of course had to celebrate the blessed occasion with ice cream from our local ice cream shop.  we pretty much celebrate everything with ice cream.  it's the best way to go about celebrations.

good job jeremy! you're a rockstar!!


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LaVonne said...

Congrats to Jeremy!! I love that kid.