Friday, July 18, 2014

hey sammy,

happy birthday, little brother!

i love this picture of you are as a little tike. it takes me back to our fun childhood. we would do almost everything together: climb trees, play catch with dad in the front yard, play t-ball, go to tae kwon do tournaments, have tennis lessons, play legos, play soccer games, play roller hockey in the driveway... i could go on and on.

when i think back over the years of many teams and seasons, the seasons that stick out to me as being the most fun are the seasons that we were on the same team.  those were hilarious games, especially when all three of us were on the rec soccer team when i was in high school.  we owned that team.  i remember one specific play that still leaves me in awe.  we were down by our opponents goal and you were about to throw the ball in.  you threw it to me and i passed it right back to you.  you shot it all the way from just inside the sideline and the ball went in the back of the net to score a goal.  it was amazing! you were always the star player, while i played the supportive and goofy sister.

i have been thinking about how our relationship has morphed over the years. i beat up on you a lot when we were smaller. sorry about that. we would fight and wrestle and we still managed to get along most of the time.  we didn't harbor ill feelings towards each other for long, or at least i hope you didn't either. i remember the moment i realized you were stronger than me.  we were wrestling and suddenly i noticed that you were winning. you were able to get out of my holds, your hits hurt more, and you were able to pin me down.  that was probably the best thing for our relationship because as soon as i knew that i was going to lose those physical battles, i decided that we didn't fight anymore.  before our next brawl was about to spill out of our antsy bodies i remember saying to you, "sam, we don't fight, we are friends."

i'm so glad we have stuck to that.  we have our little tiffs once in a while and they never question our deep friendship.  sam, you are such a great person.  you teach me how to look for ways to help others.  you teach me how to put family first.  you teach me how to work hard.  you also teach me very practical things, like how to play with little kids since little kids always love you the most, what i should buy while shopping because you certainly have an eye for what looks good, and how to make smart career decisions because you always simplify and bring ration to the emotion laden choices.

well, sammy, i love you.  i'm so glad you are my brother.  you are wonderful and talented and have so much in store for you.  i believe in you.  i pray for you.  and i care so much about you.  have a fabulous birthday... you deserve it.

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