Saturday, July 26, 2014

getting dirty

this morning a few friends and i ran a dirty dash and we had an absolute blast.  it's a 5k with obstacles in the mud. what's better than climbing walls and jumping in mud?? jeremy came along for the ride to cheer us on and document the whole thing.

here we are getting ready for the race:

 we put our bibs on, gave each other tattoos, bought souvenirs ($6 tank top, yes please!), and had time to take a bunch of jumping pictures, which i think are always hilarious.

 our start time finally rolled around and we of course wanted to be at the front of the pack. 

and we were off!  there were probably 10 obstacles total. we crawled through muddy tunnels, scaled walls, jumped over fences, climbed nets and hay bales, balanced on logs, waded through mud pits, flew down a giant slip and slide, threw mud at each other, and chugged root beer right before our final descent.  jeremy was amazing with the camera and captured us at the top of the hill whooping and hollering.

we were covered in mud! (and scrapes, blood, and bruises... it was brutal.)

 we grabbed our free loot, thanked our supporters, and we hit the hoses to try to get some of the mud off.  it was the best race ever!  maybe because it wasn't timed and we were all just out for a good time.  no stress, only fun. and lots of mud. i see more of these in my future.  jeremy's doing the next one with me!


Barb said...

Love it, love the pics!

Barb said...

Love it, love the pics!