Friday, August 1, 2014

august letters

dear august,
first of all, welcome. second of all... please take your sweet time. no need to rush. let's relax and make sure we enjoy every minute together. 

dear soccer season,
tomorrow you come to a close. i'm pretty bummed about it. you have been the highlight of my summer. i love being on the field with jeremy.  my favorite part is when he gives me a sweaty kiss at the end of the game. i also love that we spend the whole car ride home talking about the details of the plays.  i wish this could last forever.

dear hair,
i made it through july without using a blowdryer on you. i can't even believe it. i am learning to embrace your natural wave, which i have feared since junior high. i feel like i want you to grow a mile long and just let you be wild and free. 

dear vacation,
my paper chain countdown is reminding me daily that you are fast approaching and i just can't wait. i haven't had a real vacation from work since christmas, unless you count the day in march i spent in the hospital. i am ready for a break. i promise to soak it all in.  it will be glorious!!

dear family,
i'm coming so sooooon (2 weeks!). i have been dreaming of late nights, lots of laughter, and endless fun. hope you're ready for me. rest up... we will play hard.

dear spinach,
oh how our relationship has recently shifted. everyone has been trying to get us together for years and i finally gave you a shot. you are my favorite green in a salad, especially with berries and feta cheese. this new thing between us works out well because you are incredibly nutrient dense and interestingly enough... delicious.

dear my hot husband,
you're my very favorite. i will never stop choosing you. i love you with my whole heart and more.

xoxo, katie


Noelle Maughan said...

spinach, berries, and feta is the best! Through some almonds on there and I love the crunch. I am glad you found out you liked it, it's one of my go to lunches!

Noelle Maughan said...

ooops that was an embarrassing spelling error *throw*

Barb said...

I am most excited about the coming to see Family part! I can guarantee lots of laughter!