Saturday, August 2, 2014


i know i wrote a little about soccer yesterday, but i had such a fun time this season i felt like it deserved its very own post.  we had our last soccer game today and my thoughts from yesterday are still the same... i'm sad it's over.  i loved it.

on the way to the first game i was filled with butterflies.  am i good enough to play with these guys?  will i just embarrass myself?  luckily (and surprisingly), my worries were just worries, like most worries are, and i had a blast.  after not playing for such a long time, i forgot how much i love soccer.  each game after the first was similar, in that we had so much fun and it didn't matter if we won or lost.

fast forward to today's game... which happened to be a tougher loss.  we started strong and then slowly lost our momentum.  i'm not sure what happened and regardless, jeremy and i had a great time running around, playing in the rain.  we each had some great plays and were happy with our efforts, and really that's what it is all about.  here's our team from today's game:

i am so glad jeremy and i got to play soccer together this summer.  i loved his game-ending sweaty kisses and when i could hear him from the sidelines, "that's my wife!"  he is so nice to me.  jeremy said it right, "i feel like we will look back on this season and always think about how much fun we had playing together."

i'm so glad we revitalized our love for the game.

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