Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here I am...

7 years later.

I started this blog 7 years ago, when I was a young sophomore attending BYU.  I wanted a place to write about the college experience where my family and friends could stay updated if they so pleased.  So Quasi's Bell Tower was born.  It has seen me through some awesome times, some hard times, and everything in between.

I started this blog before Jeremy ever moved into Liberty Square, before we ever dated, and fell in love.  Before I went on a backpacking adventure through Europe with my mom, before I went to Romania to work in the orphanages, before I had my life-threatening blood clot while living abroad.  Before I married the perfect man for me, before I graduated from BYU, and dreamed of going to grad school.  Before my brothers left on their missions and finally came back again.  Before Jeremy and I got accepted to dental school and grad school in the same city.  Before I moved to Boston to learn, grow, and explore this beautiful place.  Before I made it through grad school, got my ideal job, and spent my time dreaming up day-trips.  Before my life became such a wonderful adventure and found that I love writing about it.

I love that my blog has captured these beautiful moments.  Every so often I find myself (and Jeremy, too) looking through old posts and reliving the memories.  I love that we can look back to better remember all of the fun things we have done.  Sometimes I feel pretty nostalgic about the past adventures and I just want to be transplanted back to that time and place.  In those moments I have to come up for air and remember... the adventures and fun continue.  They are added to our experience and life becomes richer and fuller.

This ever changing chronicle helps me fully appreciate the past because I can reread our adventures and struggles I have conquered.  It helps me fully enjoy the present as I reflect and write about what is going on in my life.  It helps me look forward to the future because time and time again I learn, we keep having fun, it's not something we run out of... EVER!

May the grand adventure continue.

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Barbara Creer said...

Oh so fun! I love your blog and I love your writing. Keep going!