Friday, August 8, 2014

3rd year

3rd year of Dental School: DONE! 
and jeremy is so happy about it.

his 3rd year has consisted of less classes and a lot more time in the clinic.  he has done lots of cleanings and fillings, pulled teeth, made dentures and crowns, and passed part 2 of the boards. he works hard and really takes care of his patients.  i love seeing him get so excited about dentistry.  i get lost in his stories (prophys, scaling, root planing, pulping out, etc.), but i try to listen patiently because of his enthusiasm about teeth. watch out people... he's unstoppable.

after work i met jeremy downtown to go a on a celebratory date marking the end of his 3rd year of dental school.  (ONE YEAR LEFT!)  he was happy as he could be and looked rather dashing.  we ate dinner at porter's and walked to the waterfront to enjoy the scenery from a bench.  we found ourselves chatting about the future and what it might have in store for us... which is so exciting. 

we stopped to buy candy on the way home and watched pitch perfect while we munched on our goodies.  it was a lovely evening indeed.  only one more year left of school!!  hooray!

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