Thursday, August 14, 2014

hey rye,

happy birthday, little brother!

here you are exactly 20 years ago on your 2nd birthday:

isn't it classic? and weird to see you with blonde blonde hair.  one summer it just changed to brown.  it was crazy.  and ha! i just realized that i think i'm in the picture.

well, rye, you are one of my best buds. 

i remember coming home from college for a quick visit in October 2007.  i had been at BYU for the summer term, came home for a few weeks, and then went back after labor day.  so i really had only been away from home for maybe a span of 5 weeks.  the funny thing is that i came home with zero intention of seeing any of my friends (although i was set up on a date i wasn't really feeling and still had to go on).  i just wanted to see my family.

so you (15) and i (19) spent that saturday night hanging out together.  we ended up going to walmart to get some t-shirts, paint, and brushes to create fashion masterpieces to our hearts' content. then we ventured to sonic for an ice cream break, naturally.  i'm sure we ended the night with a great movie or maybe we talked about this and that (probably our current crushes) at sonic, i can't remember all of the details.

looking back, it is one of my fondest memories.  i think what i like about it the most is that we chose to hang out together.  we like each other; we are truly friends.  we really do have a lot in common.  we have a deep love for the scooter, our high school calculus classes, and making fools of ourselves in front of the camera.  we also rarely get sunburned.

well, riley, i love you.  i am so glad that i'm not just your embarrassing, loud, and crazy older sister.  i am so grateful that we get to grow up together and have so many fun adventures.  i am so blessed to have you as my brother and best bud.  you are caring, compassionate, and honest.  you help me want to be a better person and you also remind me to be spontaneous and brave.  you have so much in store for you.  i hope you have a fabulous birthday... you deserve it!

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