Tuesday, September 2, 2014

biking to the beach

yesterday we thought we would try out the zagster bikes our apartment complex just installed. (you can rent them for 24 hrs at a time for only $5. what!??)  we hopped on them and started riding, not entirely sure where we would end up.  jeremy packed water and a frisbee in his backpack and we were aiming to find a nice park.

about 20 minutes into our ride, i decided that we were going to nahant beach, because... why not?  so i yelled back to jeremy, "let's go to nahant!" and he was all for it.  so 25 minutes later, after winding through little towns, we found ourselves at the beach. 

we locked up our bikes, took off our sneaks, and dipped our toes (or legs) in the frigid water.  we played frisbee, found a shell in pristine condition to take home, and just chatted while we sat in the sand. 

we were glad we ended up at nahant and laughed about how unexpected and perfect it all was. nahant beach is beyond gorgeous (it's our favorite one) and the weather cooperated nicely.  it wasn't too hot and not at all chilly.

before we rode home, we stopped at Tides to get some ice cream for lunch, because what's a biking adventure or a beach adventure without an ice cream stop?  i mean seriously!

we made it home safe and sound (and sweaty, and a little sandy).  we had such a great time.  what a perfect adventure? i can't wait to see where these bikes will take us next...

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