Monday, September 1, 2014

september letters

dear september,
your arrival means that fall is fast approaching, which makes me want to hate you right now.  i'm clearly in denial that summer is coming to close.  i suppose i will have to enjoy every bit of this warm weather we have.  also you're my birthday month and i really do love fall... so i guess we can be friends again.

dear fall wardrobe,
i love you way more than my summer wardrobe.  scarves, boots, sweaters... yes!  you are a major perk to the cooler days ahead.  hooray!

dear birthday,
you're the best day of the year!  and you give me a great excuse to go somewhere expensive for dinner and throw confetti around.  basically, i get to do whatever i want all in the name of my day of birth!  this year i'm taking the day off and we are going on an adventure in maine.  i can't wait!!

dear apples,
now that we are on better terms, i think we will try apple picking this year, especially since it's a favorite new england activity.  sorry, i am so late to the game, but better late than never, right?!

dear school supplies,
i want a fresh set of everything, even though i'm not returning to school this fall (which still feels weird).  so far i have restrained myself from buying notebooks, erasers, and colored pencils. ok, so maybe jeremy restrained me.  i don't need any of it... but the school supplies section at target is full of temptation.  pens, sticky notes, sharpies, pencils, etc., etc., etc...

dear labor day,
thanks for the day off.  i love spending an extra day with jeremy.  we have way too much fun together.

xoxo, katie

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