Monday, September 15, 2014

no mas espanol

do you remember when we got called to the Spanish branch

well, we just got released and are now back in the English ward.   and let me tell you.... ENGLISH CHURCH IS AMAZING!  not that it's all that different than Spanish church, it's just amazing because i understand what's going on.  (hooray!!) we were sad to leave our friends in the Spanish branch, especially the awesome youth they have there.  serious rock stars!  but we were needed elsewhere, since loads of people moved out of our old ward. 

we both served with the youth and i also led the music in sacrament meeting, which i'm sure was entertaining.  jeremy taught me the pronunciation so i could say things correctly and sometimes catch on to some words, but largely i had no idea what i was saying.  members frequently came up to me talking in full on Spanish because they thought i could speak it... surprise... nope! 

it was certainly a lovely experience and i am grateful for our time there. i am also grateful that i now can understand sunday school and i can make comments.  it certainly is the little things sometimes. 

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