Saturday, October 4, 2014

farm fresh

we finally went apple picking! this is the first fall i have actually liked apples (i added them to my fruit repertoire in march), so we had to take part in this new england fall activity.  and take a million pictures while we were at it... how can you not in a beautiful apple orchard?

we went to russell orchards in ipswich for our fresh pickings and they totally rock.  they encourage you to try the apples and eat as many as you would like.  they also have apple experts in the orchards that offer all sorts of advice and fun facts about different types of apples.  jeremy and i are mostly gala lovers so we got loads of those.

jeremy dug a little hole and planted an apple seed... just replenishing the orchard. also, he is hilarious.

i loved everything about it.


Noelle Maughan said...

We didn't go apple picking this year, so sad! Yesterday I was in Cool as a Moose and they had a black sticker that said, "You Rock" in hot pink. I was thinking of buying it and sending it to you, if you want it I will haha.

P.S. I love those shoes!

Barb said...

Ohhh I love the pics! Looks so fun!