Wednesday, October 1, 2014

october letters

dear october,
well, you're not my birthday month.  but i think we can still be friends, especially since you are associated with lots of orange, which is my favorite color.  my one request: can we have some warmer weather here and there?  jeremy and i want to get some golfing in. 

dear pumpkin,
let's explore your gluten-free potential this month.  it's going to be great.  i just have to find some recipes and then we can get to work. 

dear halloween,
am i too old to collect candy this year? do i have to pass it out instead?  oh boy... maybe i am really growing up.  but i am loving the skulls.  sugar skulls are my fave!! also, what am i to do with a husband that doesn't like to dress up?

dear husband,
i love you. despite your dislike for costumes. and it's only one day a year.  be a good sport, eh?

dear leaves,
you are starting your fall show.  and it's just going to keep getting better.  hopefully we can intentionally slow down... and enjoy.  and then make a game of crunching you under our feet.

dear general conference,
we always look forward to your spiritual enlightenment. it's a treat for us twice a year.  church is good for the soul.

dear blood clot,
it's been 6 years.  you sure brought on quite a scare.  you also brought on many miracles and strengthened my knowledge of God's care for each and every one of us.  miracles kept me alive! thanks for all the things you taught me.  

dear apple orchard,
we are coming!!!  please stay open... just a few more days.  we have had a busy couple of weekends.  but we are going to make it happen.  promise!

xoxo, katie

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