Friday, October 3, 2014

so bitter and some sweet

today is a weird day.  it is my last day of work at my current location.  the agency i work for is opening up a site that is a closer commute for me, so i am going to be a clinician at that location starting monday.  and oh boy... i am feeling so torn. 

i am excited for the new adventure that is fast approaching.  i get to help open a clinic! what???  it's going to be wild and crazy and it will bring on a different set of challenges.  i am excited it is finally here; this has been in the works for months and months.  i am excited (and nervous) for the ways it will make me stretch and grow.  i am excited for the new people i will get to meet and learn from.  i am really excited for the shorter commute (no tolls!!) and not having to sit in traffic.  i'm excited that i get to be a part of this whole thing that will give me professional experience in a different way. 

even with all this excitement... i am incredibly sad to be leaving the team that made me a clinician (although one is coming to the new site, YAY!).  i have learned so much from them.  i started as a mere intern with almost no clinical experience and i didn't know much about CBT and DBT, except that everyone said they work.  i have obtained so much knowledge and experience here.  my supervisors have pushed me to grow and supported me along the way.  growing and learning is such a painful process.  well, this team has witnessed my growth and given me just what i needed to come out breathing on the other side.  i have developed deep friendships with my co-workers which is one of the only things that is making this a little more tolerable... i know i will continue to have these wonderful people in my life, as life-long mentors and good, good friends.  i am beyond grateful for each of them.  hugs all around!

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