Friday, November 28, 2014

day of traditions!

 yesterday we started off with (gluten free) pumpkin waffles and homemade syrup (tradition!).

 it was basically pumpkin cake covered in a caramelized glaze.  yum!  the syrup was tough. my impatience burned the first batch, but the second attempt turned out just great (because jeremy came to help).  he's a wise and patient soul.

then we went to the movies (tradition!) and had popcorn, milk duds, and m&ms for lunch.

we saw mocking jay, part 1 and we both really liked it.  we found out the movie theater by our house upgraded to recliners!  it was a pleasant surprise.  it was the comfiest movie ever.  and we love it when the theaters are empty.  everyone had their own row.

then we added some leaves to our thankful tree (tradition!).

we have never made one this big before; we usually just draw it on a piece of construction paper. we built it on sunday and have been adding leaves throughout the week. we even got friends to add to it.  i'm thinking next year we will make it on november 1st and add a few leaves everyday.  we had one rule for the leaves... NO REPEATS.  so there are some creative things on there.

then we went downtown to joe's for dinner - third year in a row (tradition!).

i'd rather spend the day playing than slaving away in the kitchen, so out to eat for thanksgiving dinner it is.  we rounded up some friends to come with us.  they were all up for the lack of prep work and dishes.  we both got the turkey dinner (5 out of 6 of us did actually - 1 got a burger) and we loved every bite.  

then we came home and had some (gf) pumpkin pie for dessert while we filled up the thankful tree with the rest of the leaves.  the pumpkin part was delicious and the crust was not fabulous - chalky with a weird after taste.  maybe next year i will be brave enough to try an make my own. 

it was a fabulous day.  i love a day off to hang out with my bestie.

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