Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Eve

(more stuff i took pictures of)

i woke up and made some mini cranberry wreath place cards in my pajamas.  they were easy-peasy and turned out great.

we were blessed by this beautiful pink and blue sunset,

created Christmas tree forests with fake tattoos,

had a lovely family dinner,

and played the "envelope game."
my dad reads the night before Christmas and we each start out with an envelope with an unknown amount of money inside.  we pass it right on the word "the" and left on the word "all" when they are read in the story.  then we see who won the big bucks.
me and riley were the big winners with $50 a piece, jeremy and sam won $12 each, and my mom and dad got $22 each.

then we played a rousing game of killer bunnies.  that game is nuts!

we opened our Christmas pajamas,
jeremy found a present with his name on it,

and we were banned to the basement for the night to play video games, watch a Christmas movie, and stay out of Santa's way.  it sure was a fun one!

i love this family of mine!

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