Friday, December 26, 2014

the past week

...according to these gems my iphone gladys captured.

check out those utah mountains... so dreamy!

we got some fun toys our first night at my house... a ping pong table and a ps3!

then we spent a couple days with jeremy's siblings and their families for some festivities.
saturday night we met my family for an epic Christmas concert, featuring The Lower Lights.  the Neon Trees opened and good ole Mitt Romney was there.

we went rock climbing one day and i decided it's my new hobby!
we were sore for dayssssssss.

we saw interstellar one night... it was great.

riley and i managed to make a dance video on christmas eve. we certainly have our priorities in order. special shout out to jeremy for the music and camera work.  we posted our third take... the 4th one is hilarious on the free style, but the choreographed parts are so off, so the third take won out.

Christmas morning... amazing as always!

i love my little family.  so glad we were all together this year!
then we flew home Christmas afternoon, because this girl has got to work every once in a while.  i feel like it was the hardest ever to leave this time.  probably because we had such an amazing time.  we truly relaxed and hung out like we were all living together again.  i loved it. my family is my favorite.

we got to boston late in the night and we were definitely not prepping for the time change... so i was counting down the hours at work (and working so hard, obviously) so i could go home and take a nap.

so now we are home... missing everyone.
some lovelier pictures to come soon!

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