Wednesday, December 10, 2014

target is all you need

my office is doing secret santa this year - which i just love! i think i created the perfect gift that is also incredibly easy. we had a $10 limit so this is budget friendly.  all you need is a target close by (seriously target is the best) and a cute tag.

i found the metal pail in the $1 section and figured it could be my container.  then i wandered to the scarves, because that is my favorite section and everyone loves a crazy scarf. am i right?  the scarves are currently buy one, get one 50% off!! so pick one out for yourself or someone else on your giving list, too. then i found myself looking at the nail polish because why not add a little prize in the bottom?  plus, since i got the scarf 50% off, i needed a little something to make it to $10.   

then i decorated the tag so my handwriting could not be detected (good thing ashley doesn't know this blog exists), and stuffed it all into the tin.  it's a tight fit, but i like it... it reminds me of a pot of flowers.  and there you have it, easy-peasy.

so maybe i shopped more for myself than her... but she's a girl in her mid-twenties.  we must be pretty similar.  hope ashley likes it!

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