Thursday, January 1, 2015

january letters

dear january,
you are a calm month, meant for reflection and rejuvenation. i like to refocus and evaluate what i need more of in my life and what i need less of in my life.  thanks january for being that calmness i need. i just love beginnings.

dear christmas,
you were wonderful. 

dear egg-nog,
you weren't that bad.  you tasted like vanilla pudding in liquid form. it was a pleasant surprise.

dear 2015,
boy, have we been waiting for you! this is certainly our year. jeremy graduates this year and then we will say good bye to school forever!!  how wonderful is that?  so 2015, parts of us thought you would never come, and other parts of us can't believe how quickly you have arrived. you are going to be a good one.
dear resolutions, 
you can sometimes kick my butt, so i am trying to keep it simple with you.  here's to a year of setting attainable goals that i want to accomplish and being nice to myself if i don't get everything right on the first try.  you are about practice and growth, not perfection, rigidity, and misery.

dear post-holiday blues,
for some reason i don't think you will be around this year.  there are too many fun things happening and i have more winter hobbies this time around.  so i will be enjoying every bit of this frigid weather, even if that means i'm warm and cozy inside knitting or at the gym rock climbing.

dear snow,
please come! we want to play.  jeremy got skis for christmas, so please do us a favor... and cooperate with our winter agenda.  or else we will just have to go north to find you.  either way, this is definitely happening.

xoxo, katie

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