Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I know Juno was a bust for other places, but for Boston it rocked.

Everything shut down (there was a driving ban), so we both got a snow day from work and school and got to stay home to play! We got over 2 feet of snow and with the crazy wind the drifts were much deeper in some places.  The snow plowing and shoveling didn't stop from Monday night to Wednesday morning, so there were huge mountains of snow for us to play in.

This is a little of what our day looked like:
We slept in, made (GF) blueberry muffins, played in the snow - which consisted of snow angels, climbing snow mountains, tackling snowmen (the one I chose was iced, so I bounced right off), going down the slide on the playground, jumping in the snow piles, tackling each other, sliding down the snow mountains, etc, then we had hot chocolate, watched netflix, had lunch, read Unbroken, took naps, played in the snow again, had dinner with friends, and watched netflix.

It was such a great Tuesday!!

More snow is forecast for later this week!! Hooray!

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