Friday, January 30, 2015

Crashing boys night out

Wednesday night Jeremy planned to go to the Boston College vs. Louisville basketball game with some friends.  Tuesday night when they were getting the tickets, I was in the background telling Jeremy "I want to go, I want to go, I want to go." He told me it was only a guy thing and that I do only girl things sometimes, so it was only fair.  I told him my girl things were chatting and knitting, not going to basketball games.

Well, Wednesday night rolled around and Jeremy told me they happened to have an extra ticket.  I could hardly contain myself.  They were trying to find other guys to go, but no one wanted it.  I jumped on that real quick and Jeremy texted the guys, "Katie might want to come, if we can't get anyone else to use the ticket."  Luckily, they agreed to let me tag along with the boys.  And let's be honest, I grew up with only brothers, so I felt right at home. I also brought treats to share, so the boys were fine with it.

It was a great game!  Boston College hung in there until about the 3 minute left then Louisville just kept their composure under pressure and finished it out.  We had such a fun time and Jeremy was so glad I got to come, too.  I am always up for a boys night out!

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