Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Letters

Dear February,
Welcome, month of love!  Glad to have you here.  I can always appreciate an onslaught of red and pink hearts once in a while.  Also, please keep the snow coming because Jeremy and I want to go cross-country skiing for our anniversary in a couple weeks.  Make it happen!

Dear Groundhog,
It's ok if you see your shadow because we all know I am rooting for more winter at this point (see above).  Snow hit us late this year and I just want to get my fix in before it disappears for a while.  Also, how are you so famous?  I will never know. 

Dear Marriage,
It will be 6 years on Friday the 13th.  I can hardly believe it.  Either can anybody else when I tell them I have been married for almost 6 years (my age is underestimated regularly).  What a wonderful 6 years it has been! Every year just gets better and better and I didn't think better was possible.  I sure lucked out in your department.  Jeremy's my fave.

Dear Work,
If you keep cancelling because of snow and then making me on Saturdays, I will figuratively cry you a river.  I need to hit the groomed trails (see above) and you are ruining it all.  You always hook me up with a paycheck though, so I will deal.

Dear Short Month,
You get less letters because you have less days than everybody else.  Neener neener!

Xoxo - Katie

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