Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Well, Linus (another snow storm) tore through the area on Monday, so we both had snow days again!  It's crazy stuff.  I looked over at my bunny (which I started a year ago) and declared, "I will finish this bunny today." 

 So I knitted in between netflix and playing in the snow and I eventually had a finished bunny!!  Here he is:

Look at his fluffy tail!  I love it.  I guess it's only fitting that the bunny be named Linus, since that's the storm that finally got him all finished and put together.

And now he lives on the top of our book case, next to my mallard and hipster glass head.  He's right at home.

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Kayla said...

You're so cool! I hope to get the courage to start a project (and finish it) like that one day.