Monday, February 16, 2015

Neptune's turn

Surprise!  We had another snow storm.  Neptune came on through Saturday evening and Sunday.  We got another 16 inches and now are 1/2 inch away from the 2nd snowiest winter in Boston.  We need 12 more inches to be the snowiest ever.  Jeremy and I sure hope we get there.  More snow is supposed to come tomorrow, so we will keep our fingers crossed.  At this rate the snow won't melt until June... I'm pretty sure.  

We of course had to get out to play in the snow and had the best time (climbed and jumped off fences, went down slides, made snow angels, etc).  Then we came inside to get the real camera to document some of the crazy drifts. 

The wind created this awesome drift that hangs above the sidewalk. It reminds me of the Grand Canyon with the forces of nature carving here and there. Beautiful!

Jeremy gave me these coral roses for V-day, which are just the best.  I practiced drawing to take up some of our snow day (church was cancelled).

 We also played Battleship, took naps, watched Frozen, and built treasures with Legos. 

It was a fabulous snow day!

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