Saturday, February 14, 2015

We turned 6!

Hooray!  We both put in half-days at work and school so we could go x-country skiing.  It was cold, but awesome that we pretty much had the trails to ourselves.  We ate at Joe's American Bar and Grill (one of our favorites) on our way home.  Then we opened presents, blew out our 6 candles, and enjoyed some ice cream.  It was a great (and totally exhausting) day!

I have loved these past 6 years.  We play, we learn, we grow, we laugh, we listen, and we adventure together.  I am certain that we can do anything together.  I love the life we have created.  You are my other half, sweet boy.  I love you forever.

P.S. Happy V-day!  We are celebrating by hunkering down for another blizzard with battleship and fondue... because that is where it's at!

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