Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This and That

Lately, we have been doing a lot of rock climbing. 
 Jeremy is a champ and he took a rock climbing class with me so we could learn how to belay and now he is my official belayer.  He doesn't like the heights much which means I get to climb a lot on the ropes.  He does like the bouldering though, so it's a great mix.  We went three times last week. It's a good indoor sport with all this snow on the ground.

After climbing on Saturday, we went to see the beach in the snow.
It was kind of weird.  There is a little bit of sand, then huge snow boulders, and then lots of snow.  There were unbroken sea shells right on the surface of the snow which was pretty cool.  I ran around for a bit while Jeremy shivered in the snow.

Every year, I set a goal to create more...  so I am actually trying to do that.
I let the fear of failure hold me back sometimes and I am trying to practice some bravery and just do it.  I have done some sketching the past two Sundays and I find it incredibly relaxing.  I want to practice enjoying the process of the sketch rather than putting so much pressure on the finished product.  I might post my Sunday sketches here to keep me accountable for my goal and to watch my progress as I explore drawing.  Join me if you want.  Doesn't it sound fun!?

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