Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Letters

Dear March,
You typically promise the beginning of spring.  I'm not sure you can follow through on that though with the piles and piles of snow we have going on here.  Seems like a tall order.  You do bring Jeremy's birthday and my mom's birthday regardless of the weather, so we will certainly be celebrating those.

Dear Snow,
Keep it coming! Only 5 inches away from the snowiest winter in Boston's history.  We have had over 100, so what's a few more?  Might as well make it happen.  I'm totally game!

Dear St. Patrick's Day,
I love that your a day that celebrates clovers.  I kind of feel like I'm part of the special day since I joined the Clover clan 6 years ago.  I always want to buy the clover hoopla, but it typically is cheap and tacky.  So I try to refrain.

Dear Future,
I am so enchanted by your possibilities. Completely enchanted.  I am a hopeless optimistic and I know good things are coming.  I can just feel it.  Life is incredible.

Dear Jeremy's Graduation,
You are coming!  We are thrilled.  How about a paper chain countdown?  I love those things!

Dear Sunday Sketches,
You didn't happen today, because I have been playing in Vermont all weekend.  I will jump back on the wagon next Sunday.  Plus, we are looking for progress, not perfection in our goals, right? I am out of flowers to draw though, they all died.  The question is, what to sketch next...

Dear Pi Day,
You will be epic this year since it's the year 2015 (3.1415=3/14/15).  Can't wait to eat pie!  Lot's of delicious pie.  Who want's to come to a Pi Day Party??

Xoxo, Katie

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